About Our Beauty House

We don’t just sell products.
Our business is very mission-oriented,
Our vision is waking up every day and hoping to help people,
For us, every day is a life-threatening performance to just to bring you the best results,
Our establishment is to convey the best to those in need.

About Our Product Concept

Beauty Maintenance

The traditional multi-step maintenance method is facing out the purest natural and safest Korean raw material formula is extracted for aiming at simple-based maintenance

Health Care

The most trustworthy health brand in Malaysia. Our customers range from men, women, children, pregnant women, breast milk and even three highs population such as high blood pressure, high blood glucose and high blood. People from all ages can consume our product safely as well. (You need to inquire about professional personnel opinions for pregnant women or children). Our products are made from the most natural and safe vegetables or fruits from European and American countries.

why choose us??

We insist on setting an example and the merchants are the beneficiaries of the product. Our mission is to truly understand our product, like our product and fall in love with our product. We believe this is the best way to confidently sell our products to provide customer with the peace of mind to buy and to assure them with the quality of the product.

Core Value

Thanksgiving, Punctuality, Learn, Confidence, Integrity, Image, Breakthrough, Work hard, Positive energy, Sense of responsibility


We are a mature, stable, strong and outstanding small medium enterprise team(SME)!

To help women create their own value so that they can be economically independent and improve their quality of lives!


Commit to stable monthly income, free time, and higher income! It is not a dream to have entered the stage to have better enjoyment!


Simplicity-based, quality is true.

Three-star price, five-star value!

JL is definitely your choice for confidence, beauty and health!